Bounce House - More than Just a Birthday Activity

When people think about bounce houses - aka bouncy castles, jumpy castles, jumpers, brincolines, etc - the only type of event that they are ever associated with are birthday parties for kids. Nevertheless, we are hopping in here today to help brainstorm some ideas for other parties and events. The next time you have the opportunity to do so, give one of our suggestions below a try and watch just how much fun the inflatable rental brings to the table.

Holiday Parties

A holiday party could offer an interesting take for an inflatable jumper or inflatable interactive games. One commonly asked question is "Will a bouncy castle ruin grass"? The answer to this is "No, unless it is left there for any more than a few days." Here's the thing, though, we know you are imagining a bunch of kids at an outdoor party with cheap winter decorations all over the place. While that would be a great use for a bounce house, the type of holiday parties we think could use a jumpy castle are those big holiday parties that get held in an office building.

Those locations always have more than enough space (you would need about 18' x 18' for a standard jumper to fit), and a jump house would offer a unique activity that brings a fun, light energy to the party. Even people who don't climb into the jumper themselves will enjoy it, too, seeing as they'll be able to watch their co-workers try, and fail, to do goofy jumps or flips.

Family Reunions

Spending years away from family members, no matter how close they used to be, can lead to drifting apart and losing the solidity of that relationship to a point that you almost feel like strangers. It's at these times where family reunions come into play and exist to make sure that everyone always feels like, well, family.


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