Why Getting a Jumpy Castle is Better Than Throwing a Video Game Party

When it comes to throwing a party for your child, you might feel limited to the kinds of activities or entertainment that your kid's friends can participate in. Then, even when you think you have put together the perfect thing for the guests to do, you will find that the young people at the party won't show any interest in the activity you prepared. These days, you practically need a digital screen available to get kids engaged with what everyone else might be doing.

For those who feel like that situation is all too familiar, it might be time to shake things up a bit and get a jumpy castle rental.

Kids Love Jumpers

If you have never gotten jumpy castle rentals before, there's a chance that you have an assumption that the kids will only use the jumper for a few minutes before getting exhausted and exiting the jumper to never go back to it. But that's not nearly the case. Kids often stay in a rented bounce house for hours, if not the entire party, except for things like eating, drinking, opening presents, and other party-related activities.

When you get a jumper, you not only bring an excited smile to your kid's face, you're well on your path to giving your kid the best birthday they have ever had.

Better than the Screen

There are a number of reasons why bounce house rentals are better for your kid's birthday parties than using video games or movies to keep the kids at the party entertained.

One of the better reasons to go with a jumpy castle is that every child there can play in the jumper at the same time. If you have ever tried to use video games to satiate kids at a party, you know that at most only 4 people can play at the same time and not every guest will want to play the same game. Jumpers don't have that kind of issue at all.

A Memorable Event

If you ask your kid what they did for their previous birthdays, would they be able to remember them well? If you had a jumpy castle for them, they'd not only recollect what they did, but the friends who they played those games with. While jumping around your kids and their friends will laugh, create unique challenges, and have an incredible time doing so.

Conversely, playing video games means not even looking at other guests at the party nor having fun - it's incredibly rare to see someone actually look like they're having a great time while they have the controller.

Saves Your Time (and Sanity)

Keeping an eye on all the kids at the party is where an inflatable jumpy castle rental really shines since they'll all be in the same area for most of the party. That also helps keep your stress levels low and will also allow you to enjoy the party while chatting with other adults.

The ultimate benefit from bounce houses is actually what happens at the end of the party after we come and pick it up. Your cleanup will be easier since you won't have to worry about cleaning up a party mess from kids spending hours indoors. Likewise, spending most of the day jumping and burning energy will mean your kids fall asleep pretty easily after the party, which makes the house pleasantly quiet to relax in at the end of an otherwise loud and boisterous day.


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